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In 2020, Florida reported 57 Tornados a whopping $10,462,000 in damages.

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Floridian's main home  business owner concerns are not typically tornados,

but if you were to be hit with one - or have been hit by one , do you know what your coverages are surrounding that loss? 

Chances are, you have coverage for this loss - as it does not typically require additional endorsements, but that doesn't mean that you won't be denied or severely underpaid.  

Tornados can easily cause damage to your structure and foundation.

Often times tornados result in more than just missing siding , shingles, and drywall stains. The safely and integrity of your home may have been compromised as well. 

We have lots of experience navigating these types of claims, don't go at it alone.

​Don't let your Insurance Company push you around! Remember, even the best homeowner’s insurance companies will never voluntarily pay more than the minimum. Policyholders need to be conscious they are claiming the correct amount and hiring Fair Adjusting can help you do this.

Don't let that happen to you. Don't hesitate to call us or submit a free consultation form.

Let our experts help you.

We will be the calm
after the Storm

From the beginning we will document the damage to your home, show up to represent you at all inspections set up by your insurance company, handle your entire claims process, and negotiate a fair settlement under the provisions of your policy. 


If you have already received payment from your Insurance Company, and you are not happy with the amount; let us review your claim free of charge to ensure that you were paid fairly and nothing was hidden or left off of the table for you. Even after a settlement has been received by an insured, Fair Claims adjusters may still be able to negotiate for a higher amount.

Do you have a different type of loss?

Explore some other losses we handle.

Have you experienced a property loss in the State of Florida

   & a

 settlement is important to you? 

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