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These are some of the most common types of damages, though with that comes many exclusions. 

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Did a pipe burst? A/C Leak? Drywall spots?

Do you know what those exclusions are?

Do you know what is covered under water damage in your policy?

Do you know what is required of you to mitigate damages to you home?

Along with these claims come many questions and the way you treat and react to this loss can be detrimental to your Insurance Companies decision on coverage.

Longer than 14 days, hidden or not?


You are still owed for the first 14 days of damage that your loss has caused. ​Don't let your Insurance Company push you around! Remember, even the best homeowner’s insurance companies will never voluntarily pay more than the minimum. Policyholders need to be conscious they are claiming the correct amount and hiring Fair Claims can help you do that.

Don't let that happen to you. Don't hesitate to call us or submit a free consultation form.

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With Mold comes tons of cleaning, mitigation, investigation as to where it began, and often times a long fight with your insurance company.

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"Mold" is possibly the most chilling word to hear as a homeowner.

Do you know what is owed to you?

What is necessary to bring your home back to pre-loss?

Who to contact to mitigate these damages?

How much your policy will pay?

The time frame in which you have, before you lose coverage?

If you answered no to any of these questions, contact the experts at Fair Claims for a Free complimentary policy and claim review.

Did your claim get denied on the basis of no mold coverage?


This doesn't mean that you don't have coverage for what caused the mold. Pipe break, roof leak, "hidden or not" , you still have a chance to get paid on your claim. 

A mold exclusion does not exclude the water aspect of your claim. If you feel like this is a situation you have found yourself in - give us a call and let us review your claim documents. We can give you a better idea on what you deserve or peace of mind knowing that your Insurance Company isn't doing you wrong.


With Mold comes tons of cleaning, mitigation, investigation as to where it began, and often times a long fight with

your insurance company.

Let our experts help you.

We will be the calm
after the Storm

From the beginning we will document the damage to your home, show up to represent you at all inspections set up by your insurance company, handle your entire claims process, and negotiate a fair settlement under the provisions of your policy. 


If you have already received payment from your Insurance Company, and you are not happy with the amount; let us review your claim free of charge to ensure that you were paid fairly and nothing was hidden or left off of the table for you. Even after a settlement has been received by an insured, Fair Claims adjusters may still be able to negotiate for a higher amount.

Do you have a different type of loss?

Explore some other losses we handle.

Have you experienced a property loss in the State of Florida

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 settlement is important to you? 

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